November 21, 2010

Now I am writing about my feeling of vacation. I love vacation, but the vacation should not be more than five days. I think that if the vacation is more than the need, the vacation vill be a hell in a cell. But if the vacation increases the desire of getting more time of vacation, then it will be a better vacation time. Suppose if I got a vacation for ten days for a special occasion and if the occasion will remain for not more than three days then I have left another six days.


November 19, 2010

Today is the third day after Eid day. Dhaka city is looking like a new city of another country.                  Today it seems that the main streets are very much vacant that sometimes it seems to me                                    as a street of dead men. Today when I was going to the bazaar in the morning at                                               eleven o’clock, I saw that most of the shops were closed and the city was looking                                                          like a dead city or city of dead men.

Brain drain

November 15, 2010

Brain drain is today’s most considerable factor for developing countries. Developing countries sent their talented students in the developed countries with desire that they will once act as the most important human resources and they will take important part in the economic growth of the country. Are these desires becoming true? It is always seeing that most of the talented students going abroad for higher education do not come back in their own homeland. After getting the modern facilities and modern life style, they decide not to come back to their motherland. Therefore, developing countries are continuously loosing their talented human resources. On the other hand, developed countries that need to become the supreme, need more talented human resource. That is why they are offering more alluring facilities to the overseas meritorious students.


A comparison between ewu & nsu as a preferred place to study

November 9, 2010

Nsu is the first private university of Bangladesh and now it has about 10000 students study at present. While ewu has not more than 5000 students at present. Therefore, nsu is overcrowded and this basic difference can determine the preference.


Ewu is in the center of the capital but nsu is little bit far from capital. Therefore, transportation facility is more of ewu than nsu. Ewu is in the industrial area and nsu is in the residential area. Students of nsu have to waste time by staying in street because of traffic jam.


The more concerned matter is the cost of study. Cost of study in the nsu is not affordable by the middle class family. While ewu is providing world class education but cost of study in ewu is very much less than nsu and it is affordable by mille class families.



Nsu has its own campus now but a year ago, it operates its functions in its temporary campus. Ewu, at present, is continuing its function in its temporary campus and its own campus is under construction.


Clearly, each university has its own advantages, ewu is more preferred by the students who wants excellent educational environment with reasonable cost. While nsu is for the students of upper class families.

feel freedom

November 6, 2010

Yesterday I made a page on the facebook and I named it “feel freedom”. Today I opened the page and found that some people like the page and started to write on that page. So that I am feeling so proud and wish that the page will become more popular and people express their freedom of writing here. They share their thoughts through the page and make new ideas through it.


If anyone is interested to join in the page, please visit-


Information Technology- THE TODAYS WEAPON

November 2, 2010

IT( information technology) is today’s most important issue. This technology is fully based on computer and networking system. At present, every nation is giving concern on IT sectors and developing nations are very much eager to the improvement of IT sectors. Many of the annalists are now thinking that a whole country’s economic growth, standard of living, education and all other interrelated factors rapid growth are mostly depend on IT. And today, every country wants to get the updated IT sectors to gain the leader position. In this case, USA has a huge investment in the IT sectors that has brought USA unique leadership in today’s world.




Humanity & Brutality

November 1, 2010

Every man has two internal sites, one is humanity and another is brutality. But the main question is- are these qualities are present equally or which one is present in majority of time. I think that these qualities are variables and these can be changed by some other aspects. Humanity is the quality of man that is all we want and it is the quality that is today’s most concerned item. This humanity is shaped by the environment around a man. Every person learn every thing from the environment around and from the society.

School life & the University life- the two different dimensions

October 27, 2010


Student life has some stages. These stages can be classified in many different ways. One of the classification is that the first stage of student life is school life, second is college life and the third one is university life.


From the three stages a student always enjoy more and learn more in the school life and in the university life, because a student has to spend much of his education life in this two stages. In this two stages student can find friends with whom friendship can last longer, because there are enough time to know each other very much. People who have already passed their educational life, remember most their school life and university life.



School life and university life are not similar in many aspects. School is for the basic level of education and university life is the upper stage where students get the highest level of education. University is the place where students are taught to think broadly and be practical.


Environment of a school and a university are also not the same. The providing facilities are also not the same. Like, library facilities, playground, common room, clubs and other co curricular activities are not same. Though the school has clubs, but these clubs are not as active and practical as a university’s clubs.



Qualifications of the teachers are also different from school to university. University teachers are highly qualified and they have higher education degrees from home and abroad. But school teachers are not as qualified as university teachers. But school teacher’s qualifications can be classified with their experience.


Though the two stages of student life has many differences, without one of it education life will not be fulfilled. Two of them have the equal importance in every student’s life. Compare and contrast of these two stages are only external but internally both have different dimension in the life of a student.

Power of songs

October 25, 2010

Song is like flower. A man who like flower, he can love song. A song can give one a hope, a love, a new way to think about life. Songs are experiences of life that has already been experienced. Songs always speak about humanity, joy, love and excitement. Songs can remove loneliness of anyone. As flowers spread their scent all around to every one, songs also spread their words to all. Song is not for a certain age, group, race or place.


When I was lonely I hear music. When my heart is full of sadness, I hear music. When I am in a journey, I hear music. When it is a night and my eyes are out of sleep, I hear music. Music removes my loneliness. It removes my sadness. It also makes my journey more joyous.

“Dictionary” an important elemant

October 24, 2010

We all know well of how to use the dictionary. Dictionary is referred to as the vocabulary/ word book. Dictionary has a long history.

The earliest modern European dictionaries were bilingual dictionaries. The earliest in the English language were glossaries of French, Italian or Latin words along with definitions of the foreign words in English. An early non-alphabetical list of 8000 English words was created by Richard Mulcaster in 1592. The first purely English alphabetical dictionary was A Table Alphabeticall, written by English schoolteacher Robert Cawdrey in 1604.

Today there are many types of English dictionaries like dictionary of vocabulary, dictionary of other language, dictionary of different subjects- business dictionary, accounting dictionaries, dictionary for English literature etc.