secret of knowledge variety

East west is a very wonderful place. Sometimes I cannot cope up with the wonder of the university. After every four months, I am stepping from one semester to the next semester. I then have to face new environment with new teachers, new classmates. All the things look like a “ho – zo – ba – ra – la”. Even after every class, I need to change the environment. Because I need to change the classroom, the subject thoughts, classmates. When I seriously think about this matter, I wonder that it will be continuing four years without stop. Even six years, if I do MBA from here. but where am I go. Everywhere, here and there, in every private university, there are the same things.  One good thought that is rising in my mind is that I am enjoying the change. I am enjoying the change a lot as the days gone by.

Now I am thinking that this is the actual nature of life. “CHANGE” a great word of the earth that is interred related with our lifecycle. From great change, we can learn great, from no change we cannot learn anything. That is the secret of our knowledge varieties.


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