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secret of knowledge variety

December 12, 2010

East west is a very wonderful place. Sometimes I cannot cope up with the wonder of the university. After every four months, I am stepping from one semester to the next semester. I then have to face new environment with new teachers, new classmates. All the things look like a “ho – zo – ba – ra – la”. Even after every class, I need to change the environment. Because I need to change the classroom, the subject thoughts, classmates. When I seriously think about this matter, I wonder that it will be continuing four years without stop. Even six years, if I do MBA from here. but where am I go. Everywhere, here and there, in every private university, there are the same things.  One good thought that is rising in my mind is that I am enjoying the change. I am enjoying the change a lot as the days gone by.

Now I am thinking that this is the actual nature of life. “CHANGE” a great word of the earth that is interred related with our lifecycle. From great change, we can learn great, from no change we cannot learn anything. That is the secret of our knowledge varieties.


Business analysis

December 10, 2010

This strategy is the most needed part of developingproducts. In this stage, it is necessary to review the sales, costs and profit projections for this product to find out whether these factors satisfy the company’s objectives. To estimate sales it is necessary to look at the sales history of similar products and conduct surveys of market opinion. as it is a low priced product, so it is necessary to operate a survey to the low priced market.The above business analysis steps are the standard to follow for the product .

So far, for many new- product concepts, the product may have existed only as a word description or a drawing. If this k gains a good result of selling rate, profit rate, rate of risks, then it should be developed the product concept into a physical product. In this stage, it is necessary to ensure that the product idea can be turned into a workable product. The research and development department of the company should develop one or more physical versions of the product. in this stage, research and development sector needs a large number of investment to analyze and improve ideas and develop the product.

pre christmas celebration

December 8, 2010

Pre Christmas is now a tradition in Bangladesh. People who are living in the city but root of village and go to village for celebrating Christmas with every other relatives mostly like pre Christmas party. Before leaving the city, village going Christian people celebrate with get to gather. In the Bottomly School premises, every year we celebrate pre Christmas party. A good number of people come and enjoy the day and night Christmas programs together. Not only the Christian people but also other religious people come and enjoy the functions. The most attractive aspects of the celebration are pitha (cake) stalls. There are also other stalls, like music stalls, Christmas decoration items stalls. But people are seen overcrowded in the pitha stalls. A great variety of pitha are sold in the stalls. This year we are also celebrating pre-Christmas party at 18th December at Bottomly school premises. I wish, this year we also get theame test of pre Christmas.


December 6, 2010

St. Mark’s thought

December 5, 2010

What profit a man get if he gain the whole world and loose his own soul. We have personal desires. But if the desires like as that to fulfill the personal desire we need to loose our own precious life  then what will be the meaning of that. At first we need to think about the limitations of the desire what is personal. And one thing is common in this factor, and that is that at the time of fulfilling the desire there born greed. That greed will become the cause of destruction.

But when this greed will be born. This is not at the beginning. This is the final step of some desires. So man has to desire with some analysis. And the analysis should be more realistic and reliable.

So in the BIBLE, Mark try to show us the actual reality which is always true and is continuously happening in this world.


December 4, 2010

All the people all over the world have some hope. And most of the people with hope have hope to change their lifestyle. “Lifestyle” is a very common word of present time. At first it is important to know about what does actually lifestyle mean? In one sentence, it can say that the way that a person spends his life. However, in one word it is not possible to describe the actual meaning of lifestyle. Lifestyle has many aspects, a person may spend his life in many ways, but some aspects are also be considered; like economic condition, atmosphere, accommodation system, social responsibilities and so on.


Why today “lifestyle” is a very common talk? One answer may be common that lifestyle is interrelated with the environmental factors. And today talk about environment is very much common and most concerned. But why? Because our environment is polluting in every moment and one of the most common cause of this pollution is change in lifestyle.

advising process in the EWU

December 1, 2010

Processes of advising in the east west university is very much tough and time consuming.Now a days it is becoming more tougher because the number of students of the university Is increasing rapidly. The process, I think, is backdated. In the American international university, students do their advising very easily in online. They can complete the advising even by staying at home. East west is a reputed university, so it should provide updated methods and technology. If the back dated process will be continuing, university, itself will face different types of critical problems. Even the university may will face corruption like problems.