“hartal” a harmful weapon

Most of the countries of today’s world is now operated in democratic way. Most people today also think that democracy is the only way to survive. At present hartal is considered as a democratic way of protesting. Hartal, specially in this subcontinent, has become a tradition of protesting against government’s steps. The opposition political party always tries to protest against the party that is in government now as a democratic way. Democratic way is a way in which most of the citizens of a country has the opinion against or in favor of a fact. But political parties do not consider the citizens opinion. They only think about protesting to obtain their own objectives. Power is a thing that is after gaining it once and if it is lost for some time, that ex powered person will be the most unhappy person in the world. What the government is doing, though it is good for the nation, is considered as the most worst decision of the government by the opposite party. Now a day it has become a regular event that for any silly matter the opposite party calls for hartal. However, they do not consider the opinion of the citizens of their country about hartal. The opposite party call hartal fot their own purposes. Today’s world is very much competitive. So every moment is important for every nation to grow up. But hartal is one of the most important obstacle for the development of a nation. So, patriotic people will never want hartal for any silly mater.


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