Education system

System of providing education in the educational inistutions is much more similar in all of the countries of the world. It becomes a tradition that there is a classroom or place, one teacher for one subject and an administrative body of each institution. It seems that we all are the followers; we all follow the same methods of education. Though there are, little difference but I think that the differences are not providing a unique method or system. Is not it possible that there will be no teacher in the class and no specific classroom. People will think that my thoughts are like a fool. But I know that many of us also wants to come out of the traditional circle and want to do something unique. In the past, when there were no habitats and culture, people learnt from the nature and I think that this nature is the most preferable medium of learning. In tradition, we learn from books. But what a book actually provides? It may provide new ideas, thoughts and advices, but these advices and ideas are others. We cannot show our thoughts. Whatever we think and say is repeating.


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