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about me

September 27, 2010

i am a student of east west university of BBA department. I am the elder son of my parents. my hobby is surfing internet and chatting in the internet. i pass most of my time by watching tv. my most favourite book is sherlock holmes. i like to watch movie and play pc games, but not always.


Freedom Writers

September 26, 2010

Freedom Writers
A story is about a teacher inspiring her students through writing. This is based on a true story. At the movie a lady teacher comes to a rough school and she tries to motivate the students by writing and keeps then away from violence. After some days of classes students become respectful to their teacher and some students start to call her “ma”. The students want to their English teacher to be with them in the senior batch. But the department can’t want that. However she gets permission at last to take class in the senior batch.

my first daily writing in the blog

September 22, 2010

Today is Wednesday. I have got up at 5.37 am and go for early walk in the chondrima uddan as usual. I enjoyed the atmosphere of early morning and my early walking. I have had two classes, one is at 1.30 pm and another is at 3.10 pm. The first class is ENG 102 which I enjoyed very much. In that class our teacher inspired us to write anything in our blogs. I think it is a goos way of spontaneous writing. Today that makes me feel bad is that our MKT 101 teacher has not come. This is the second day he missed the class. Now it is about 4.14,afternoon and I am writing. I do not know about how I will pass my next times of the day. But I hope I pass well. That’s all for today.